Overview of Our Main Business Solutions


Linx Info Tech provides sustainable and reliable services so that our clients can devote their time and energies in their own business.

We make sure we understand your unique business needs and take the responsibility for ensuring your IT system supports your requirements and always run smoothly.
The areas we can help include:
* New PC Installation and Set-up.
* System Builder.
* Software Installation and Upgrades.
* Internet and Email Set-up.
* Domain Registration and Web Hosting Set-up.
* Web Design.
* Virus Removal and Protection.
* Hardware and Software Suppliers.
* Basic Computer Skills Training (Personal and Corporate).
* General Troubleshooting.
* Project Management (Software Development).
* Consulting to Engineering Services and Manufacturing Operations.

Linx Info Tech assists Business Operators to reduce costs and improve quality and service without taking risks on their behalf. We guarantee our work providing confidence to our customers and in our industry.


We believe that our clients deserve the expertise in project management and the highest quality and the best value in project solutions.

Our dedication to IT excellence and understanding of business operations means that we deliver our project on time and within the budget without compromising on the attention to details and the compliance of the standards of technology and practices.

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At Linx Info Tech, we are continually seeking ways to provide the best products and services to our customers.

We are happy to list our major Suppliers and Clients here.

Online Shopping

In our Online Shop, you can find most of our favorite and the latest technology products we use for solutions supplied to our clients.

These products are at very competitive prices sourced all around the world. If you wish to purchase them, please visit our Online Shop page.

If you need any other products that is not listed in our Online Shop, please Contact Us and we can certainly source them for you.

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